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Inspire, Reward, Perform

…because the rules of motivation are changing

We need to motivate our employees, channel partners and customers to get the behaviour and performance we want. But people have changed. So the way that we motivate them has to change too.

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Front cover of the Slump or Jump report - man holding tennis racket joyously.
Slump or Jump?
The Massive Motivation Manifesto for Successful Sales Teams download front cover.
The Massive Motivation Manifesto for Successful Sales Teams
Make Q4 Massive download front cover
Make Q4 massive
Christmas Future, or Christmas Past guide download front cover.
Christmas future, or Christmas past
The Massive Motivation Manifesto


More individual

People want to be treated as individuals, with rewards and schemes that suit them.

More connected

Share the bigger picture, let people know how they’re doing, and publicly recognise their achievements.

More choice

People expect choice. The same old rewards every time just won’t do.

The Massive Motivation Manifesto

Why the rules of motivation are changing.

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For one-off rewards

Compliments Vouchers

Sometimes you just keep it simple. These multi-store gift vouchers are perfect for one-off occasions such as end-of-year or long-service awards, and easy enough to be quickly put in place for short-term sales incentives or competitions, suggestion schemes or refer-a-friend programmes.

  • Printed voucher
  • Multi-Store – widest choice of top brands
  • Online ordering & service support
  • Internal comms support & Twitter promotions
For repeatable recognition

Compliments Card

A new quarter. A new target. We go again. Keep the motivation going with this chip & PIN reloadable card, available in a choice of designs, and can be branded with company colours & logo. Smartphone app provides card balance, store locators and promotions to keep in-house or 3rd-party teams engaged and focused on their goals.

  • Chip & PIN reloadable card
  • Multi-store – widest choice of top brands
  • Service support
  • Free smartphone app
  • Internal comms support & Twitter promotions
Your very own MasterCard®

Incentive Award Card

This is the big one. A fully personalised, chip & PIN, prepaid MasterCard® enabling regular payments to be loaded. Perfect for creating that feeling of importance and prestige, paying regular high-value rewards such as in-house or channel sales programmes or those extra special reward payments. And of course there’s an app to remind them how well they’re doing.

  • Branded MasterCard®
  • Multi-store – widest choice of top brands
  • Service support
  • Free smartphone app
  • Internal communication support
The way to a person's heart is through...

Ticket Restaurant®

A tasty reward for employees offering an unrivalled choice of restaurants and food outlets. A reloadable chip & PIN card that pays for your meal, along with an app that offers promotions and suggests nearby restaurants. An ideal thank you at Christmas and throughout the year.

  • Chip & PIN reloadable Ticket Restaurant® card
  • Wide range of restaurants & food outlets
  • Online ordering  & service support
  • Free smartphone app
  • Internal communication support
For unforgettable rewards

Compliments Experiences

If they stand out from the crowd, they deserve an outstanding reward. No customer, employee or channel partner will forget a hot-air balloon ride, or a day spent racing Ferraris. Nor will they forget the people who gave it to them and why. Choose online from over 500 experiences, activities and team-building events. Perfect as a one-off award to individuals when linked to a themed event or incentive programme or offered as part of a choice in a wider rewards catalogue.

  • Online choice of over 500 activities
  • Ordering & service support
  • Internal communications support
How far will they go for you?

Compliments Passport

Let’s face it: the ultimate reward for hard work is to stop working and go on holiday. Whether they choose to lay back in the sun, party hard in the clubs, or indulge in city break culture, there’s nothing more inspiring than the prospect of a holiday. Choose specific destinations or select a paper or e-voucher with a value and let your recipients make the choice.

  • Ordering & service support
  • Internal communications support
The individual reward

Single Store Vouchers & Cards

Keen gardener? Cycling freak? Wine lover? New mum? If you know your people, show it by offering rewards that you know they’ll love. It makes it more personal – and that makes all the difference. A choice of over 50 retailers 200 brands,  available as voucher, card or eGift Card.

  • Voucher, card or eGift Card
  • Wide range of stores
  • Ordering & service support
  • Internal communications support
You award, they choose

Compliments Select

Strike while the iron is hot. Compliments Select makes it easy to reward quickly, and grab the moment of optimum motivation. Issue reward codes of any value, to any recipient, in any location, by email or post and let them select their voucher or card of choice online. On-the-spot rewards for employees, channel partners or customers, as individuals or groups.

  • Reward codes
  • Wide range of vouchers or cards
  • Ordering & service support
  • Internal communications support
More than money

Social Recognition

People like nice things and money to spend. But they also care what people think of them. To get people really engaged, social recognition programmes combine peer-to-peer & top down recognition with rewards. Perfect for those company-wide reward & recognition programmes linked to company values behaviour and wider performance acknowledgement.

  • Online platform
  • Integrated with Compliments Vouchers or Cards
  • Ordering & service support
  • Internal communications support
A world of rewards at your disposal


The problem with a lot of choice is that it means a lot of management. Not with Webcentiv. A single, customisable platform that makes it easy to manage the different reward programmes you have in place. Delivering the right reward to the right people isn’t a chore – it’s a must.

  • Modular & customisable web platform
  • One single integrated web application and reward catalogue
  • Secure hosting
  • Data analytics & insight constantly feed programme evolution


Motivation health check

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Why Edenred?

The motivation gurus at Edenred have a wealth of expertise of incentives and rewards after years of experience helping organisations of all shapes and sizes motivate their people, customers, channel partners and affiliates.

As part of a worldwide company, Edenred have unfettered access to a wealth of knowledge and input from companies and their employees across the globe. This helps the gurus get into the mind of motivation to take it from mediocre to massive.

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