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We offer the widest range of incentives, rewards and benefits solutions, individually designed to fit your audience, your goals and your budget – a unique and unrivalled total reward & recognition solution.

Our beliefs…

Employers who care about the financial and physical wellbeing of their employees build stronger connections with their people.

Businesses that recognise the power of rewards that inspire performance and behaviour change see the impact on their bottom line. Businesses that take that reward approach direct to sales channels and customers too, see even more benefits.

Happy, engaged and motivated employees, lead to happy, engaged and motivated customers, and that’s good for the bottom line too.

Businesses with an innovative and engaging approach to benefits, perks, incentives, rewards and wider people approach create a stronger employer brand and that helps recruitment and retention of good people that will make a difference which is good for them, good for you and good for your business.

And that makes for a happier place to work. Which is important because life is too short.

What’s your challenge? Let’s talk….

Our credentials

We work with 18,000 small and medium sized businesses with 3,500 choosing to start working with Edenred in the last year. We do work with some of the largest companies too, which gives us real insight into best practices that we share with all our clients.

We have the widest range of solutions…..choice for you….use individual solutions or choose to select a few and make available to your employees through one platform.

We offer experience, financial security and a reputation for excellence. Boring we know, but when dealing with your employees, their data, and often their money, we believe it is essential for you and them to have complete trust and peace of mind.

Data security is such a significant and important subject that will only grow in importance and impact. We are one of the few with the data security accreditation ISO27001.

That doesn’t mean we are big and slow. In the UK we have 220 employees, so we have an SME mentality and way of working. Constant innovation and in our solutions and ways of working is what we do.

And we believe is keeping things simple for you and your people – because time is short and life is complicated enough.

And above all our people are motivated to succeed and succeed for our clients. Hopefully we practice what we preach…

Why Edenred?

The motivation gurus at Edenred have a wealth of expertise of incentives and rewards after years of experience helping organisations of all shapes and sizes motivate their people, customers, channel partners and affiliates.

As part of a worldwide company, Edenred have unfettered access to a wealth of knowledge and input from companies and their employees across the globe. This helps the gurus get into the mind of motivation to take it from mediocre to massive.

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