It’s been called the kingdom in the clouds for a good reason. Peru’s mesmerising Machu Picchu—the Lost City of the Incas — is hidden from view by the Andean mountains. So hidden it wasn’t discovered until 1911 by explorer Hiram Bingham who stumbled upon it by accident.

Start your trek at the old capital of Cusco. Wander through the Sacred Valley, pass the ruins of Ollantaytambo and keep going. For days. It’s a glorious trail but maybe one you don’t want to venture out on alone. Maybe take a friendly porter, guide and chef with you.

Top tip: Time your approach to arrive at dawn as there is nothing quite like watching the fog lift to reveal an ancient civilisation. Not your average morning, eh? If you’re wanting a more relaxed journey there, take the train and forget all this four-day hike nonsense.

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